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Sweet Old World

Sweet Old World

Familial loss and a renewed love
“One of the highlights of the 2012 Atlanta Film Festival…What the drama has going for it is the unblinking way it conveys familial loss and a renewed love between father and son that holds a ray of promise for their futures. Sweet Old World shows a talented filmmaker thick in the middle of a brave period of transition.”
–Howard Pousner, Atlanta Journal/Constitution

The relationship between a father Brian (John Nielsen) and his teenage son Ethan (Jacques Colimon) has become cold and strained in the years since Ethan’s brother Michael was killed in an accident. Now they find themselves on the brink of disaster and the potential for a new life when Michael’s best friend returns.

Sweet Old World premiered at the Atlanta Film Festival in 2011 and is distributed by Passion River Films. Sweet Old World can be rented on Youtube.

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